The Friends of the Mount Royal Cemetery helps preserve and promote the tremendous natural and historical treasure that the Mount Royal Cemetery has become since its founding in 1852.

To preserve

Many cast and wrought iron artifacts have been preserved by the Friends through the restoration of 22 wrought iron fences which surround old 19th Century family plots with most of them having had corrosion on over 80% of their surfaces. Six metal monuments, which nowadays are very rare, were also restored as well as 12 metal doors on old family mausoleums of which 7 had been covered with concrete.

An inventory was taken of 8,670 monuments located in historical sections to evaluate their condition and then take action. Urgent repairs were made on 478 monuments which were prioritized by the results of this inventory. Complete restoration was accomplished of 2 monuments of important historical and architectural value, and vegetation was completely removed from 154 hidden monuments.


To promote

Thirty-one informative plaques have also been installed by the Friends to commemorate burial sites of people important in the history of Mount Royal Cemetery and their great achievements in local history. Historical research projects were sponsored through grants to University students to obtain more information on various subjects for historical tours and for texts on commemorative plaques. A tree brochure was produced to outline the 100 species of trees on the Cemetery property with plaques installed on 100 trees to identify the different species with their botanical names. This brochure is available free at the cemetery office. Educational activities such as historical walking tours, tree tours, lectures, bird watching, art and photo exhibitions are held annually free of charge to the public.

The Friends has also accomplished many projects to maintain and improve the landscape and bring beautiful colours to the scenery, such as the restoration of 16 perennial beds in keeping with the original appearance along roadways. Some 1,200 shrubs have been planted to restore the original appearance of two historical sections and 5,000 square feet of wild flowers have been planted to beautify the old Free Ground.

Informative plaques have been installed throughout the Cemetery by the Friends of the Mount Royal Cemetery to commemorate burial sites of well-known Montrealers who have contributed to the development of the City as well as the founding and evolution of the Cemetery. Other plaques recognize specific sections in the Cemetery or great accomplishments of outstanding people who now rest in Mount Royal Cemetery. This map shows the location of all the plaques throughout the Cemetery.



Booklet-cover-EnglishNew Historical Booklet:

Historical Journeys at Mount Royal Cemetery – Facts and anecdotes told during the many historical guided tours of the Cemetery

Historical walking tours have taken place at Mount Royal Cemetery every summer since 1995 with most of the tours having themes that focus on one aspect at a time such as politicians, athletes, artists, etc. These tours bring to life many interesting facts and anecdotes about people who can be linked to important historic events. This new historical booklet entitled “Historical Journeys at Mount Royal Cemetery” outlines the various themes with highlights of information recounted during these tours. Even though this booklet does not give the entirety of the contents of the tours, more than 120 individuals who are buried in the Cemetery are mentioned as well as information on numerous organizations.

This booklet is available in English and French at the Cemetery office and the Mount Royal Funeral Complex at the cost of $10.00 and will be available at all the events organized by the Friends of the Mount Royal Cemetery. It can also  be mailed to you for an additional $3.00 and all payments are to be made to the Friends of the Mount Royal Cemetery.

To order a booklet please contact: Myriam Cloutier



geoguide.logos engA brand new application brings the 160 year old Mount Royal Cemetery into the digital age!

A new free Mobile App is available on the App Store and on Google Play is a great way to experience the nature and history of Mount Royal Cemetery, a National Historic Site founded in 1852.

This App offers you a pocket sized tour guide to visit the property at your own pace. Thanks to geolocation (GPS), as you wander in the Cemetery, you will be notified each time you go by one of the 70 points of interest such as famous people’s monuments and rare trees. An interactive map will help you locate the interesting sites while historical information, written and audio, as well as many photographs will appear on your screen.

The application can also be used with non-GPS enabled devices or off-site; you can browse the list of points of interest from any location. The application is completely self-contained and once it is downloaded, no data connection is needed to tour the Cemetery.

This new App entitled “Mount Royal Cemetery Geoguide”  is one of the numerous projects of the organization of the Friends of the Mount Royal Cemetery which also offers numerous activities such as guided tours on history, trees and birds.