Of all the choices you have to make throughout the process of planning a funeral, arguably one of the most important is that of a permanent memorial. The permanent memorial pays tribute to the memory and to the life, not death, of a loved one.

Many families tell us that creating a memorial is one of the most positive parts of the grieving process, but today, in fact more and more people are planning ahead – making their memorial wishes known now and buying in advance of need. This is sure to ease their loved ones’ burden during the difficult weeks and months that will follow their own passing, and to ensure that their memorial will be what they want.

Mount Royal Commemorative Services offers many forms of memorialization. We sell only the highest quality of memorials and provide a lifetime guarantee. Mount Royal Commemorative Services has operated as a non-profit organization for over 150 years and the Mount Royal Cemetery , Hawthorn-Dale Cemetery and Belvedere Cemetery are three of very few cemeteries, in the province of Quebec to sell burial rights in true perpetuity.  Memorial dealers may come and go but you can be assured that we will be here to care for your cemetery grave in perpetuity.

Granite and bronze are the only materials permitted in the construction of a permanent memorial. Foundations are mandatory.  The cemetery rules and regulations exist to protect and preserve the beauty and tranquility of the cemetery property for all time. The rules and regulations will generally cover everything from the size of the memorials permitted to the type of material permitted and instructions on how the memorial should be installed. Specific restrictions on the size of a memorial will be indicated on the Burial Rights Certificate which is issued by the cemetery at the time of purchase.

Please contact us to learn more about the steps required to arrange for a quality cemetery memorial.