Why Plan Ahead?

We plan many aspects of our lives, from planning for our children’s education, to our own retirement and even our last will and testament. We plan ahead for many of the things that may happen by buying different types of insurance plans, however many of us forget or have difficulty planning for things that will happen.   Planning for our funeral or taking care of our cemetery arrangements ahead of time is a loving act of kindness to those we leave behind and goes “hand in hand’ with making out our “last will and testament”, “power of attorney” and even “estate planning”.

What Are The Benefits?

Pre-planning allows you to decide on all the facets of a funeral service and/or cemetery arrangement today (i.e. cremation or traditional burial, church, chapel, casket, urn, flowers, etc…) and pay for it over time now so as not to have to pay the same costs, with inflation, later. By planning today, the number of years between signing and the use of those services could easily translate into thousands of dollars of savings.

It is also safe, prearranged services (both funeral and cemetery) are governed and protected by the Act respecting pre-arranged funeral services and sepultures of the Government of Quebec.

Why Us?

At Mount Royal Commemorative services you can pre-plan both Cemetery and funeral arrangements at the same time.  The benefits for you and your family are not only the peace of mind in knowing that you are working with one of the oldest most reputable organizations in Montreal with over 160 years of experience; the only perpetual cemetery in Montreal, home to the first crematorium in Canada and also a not-for-profit organization with a primary mandate to help and serve you and your family.  In addition, with today’s hectic schedules, it’s also nice to know that the Mount Royal Funeral Complex and Cemetery offer you the ease of having all services looked after in one convenient location.