Mount Royal Commemorative Services provides cemetery services to the Greater Montreal community at its two cemetery locations. The Historic Mount Royal Cemetery, centrally located on the Mount Royal in the heart of the city, and in the east end at its Hawthorn-Dale Cemetery located in Pointe aux Trembles. Each of these beautiful locations is unique in its own way but both provide arange of options for providing a final resting place for your loved one.

To make Cemetery arrangements please contact us by telephone at the appropriate location.

Mount Royal Cemetery

1297 Chemin de la Forêt
Outremont, Québec
H2V 2P9
Tel: (514) 279-7358
Fax: (514) 279-0049

Office hours:

(Monday to Friday 8:30am. until 4:30 pm.) (Saturday 9:00am. Until 3:00pm.)


Belvedere Cemetery

22025 route Trans-Canada
Senneville, Québec H9X 3L7
Tel: (514) 457-4440
Fax: (514) 457-4442

Office hours:

(Monday to Friday 8:30am. until 4:30 pm.) (Saturday 9:00am. Until 3:00pm.)

Hawthorn-Dale Cemetery

15005 Sherbrooke St. East
Montréal, Québec
H1A 3X1
Tel: (514) 498-7682
Fax: (514) 498-7909

Office hours:

(Monday to Friday 8:30am. until 4:30 pm.) (Saturday 9:00am. Until 3:00pm.)

The Mount Royal Difference

The Cemeteries operated by Mount Royal Commemorative Services offer Burial Rights in Perpetuity. The founders of the Mount Royal Cemetery company made this commitment that no graves would ever be reused, resold or abandoned. The company is administered by a Board of 21 Trustees who are volunteers and lot owners. The Charter of the Company has never been changed and still stipulates that all profits should be entirely devoted to the embellishment and improvementof the property.

Casket Burial

The 165 acres of the Historic Mount Royal Cemetery contain a number of locations, each different in character and design, that provide space for the burial of caskets. Graves may be purchased individually or as family lots. It is important when planning for your families needs to understand that most graves at Mount Royal Cemetery allow for the interment of two caskets, the first interment in the grave is made deeper to allow for an interment of a second casket on top. This is a very popular choice often made to provide for the burial of a husband and wife together.

Most of the graves and lots at Mount Royal Cemetery allow for the placement of an upright granite memorial or flat marker. The tranquil park like setting of Hawthorn-Dale Cemetery also provides several areas where single gravesites are available at very affordable prices. If a family lot is required to provide for multiple casket burial please discuss your needs with the cemetery manager.Unlike many cemeteries the properties of Mount Royal Commemorative Services do not require the use of concrete burial vaults or other outer containers, (although these are available as a matter of personal choice.) This provides, if desired, a more environmentally friendly burial option particularly when coupled with “green” funeral options available at our Funeral Complexes


Urns containing cremated remains may be interred in any lot or grave available for casket burials. In addition, a number of locations are available in our cemeteries which provide for the burial of cremated remains in areas designed specifically for this purpose.

At Mount Royal Cemetery the beautiful garden style “Summit Circle” located in section L7 and within walking distance of our south gate, provides a tranquil setting for reflection and includes cremation lots intended for the burial of from two to six urns. Each cremation lot includes a granite memorial. Although similar cremation graves are available in the “Oakridge” section of Mount Royal Cemetery, the spectacular views from this location contribute to it own unique character.

Outdoors the Sculpture Garden, located at the highest point of Mount Royal Cemetery, offers a beautiful vista of Montreal from the peaceful surrounding mountain terrain. Communal sculptures by well-known artistes provide in-groundurn burial sites.

At Hawthorn-Dale Cemetery the Chapel Court Cremation Garden has several options for the burial and memorialization of cremated remains in a lovely garden setting surrounded by flowering trees and shrubs. This garden, located just outside the chapel of the Complexe Funeraire des Trembles, is an ideal environment for quiet reflection.

Columbarium Niches

Columbarium niches provide space for the above ground entombment of cremation urns and are available in outdoor and indoor locations at our two cemeteries. The mausoleum of the Mount Royal Funeral Complex provides both marble and glass front niches in a luxurious, secure, climate controlled environment. A beautiful spiral staircase connects two floors of elegant Italian marble and glass encased niches.The two levels of niches are enhanced with contemporary stained glass windows depicting the seasons. Glass front niches provide the added benefit of allowing for the display of personal items which can create very meaningful personalized memorials. Glass front niches are also available within the chapel at the Complexe Funeraire des Trembles. The Sculpture Garden at Mount Royal Cemetery also has available above- ground niches contained within a graceful, circular granite wall.